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Netflix’s Squid Game is a violent show with an age rating of 16+. The Series, which originates from South Korea, is a fascinating tale that has exploded in popularity over the past year. Despite its rating, the Series is something parents may not want to watch with their children due to its intriguing storyline. The show is full of action and suspense and has a light-hearted and comedic side. While the level of violence may be too intense for some viewers, it is not gratuitous or gory.

The parents and fans concerned about viewing the Series may be wondering how violent or indecent it is. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Scenes from the Series for parental guide:

Violence and gory scenes:

Violence and gory scenes

The first thing to note about The Walking Dead is that it is very violent. Viewers familiar with the show are likely aware that the players compete in a children’s game where losing results in death.

The first game is played at the end of the first episode. Brief blood spurts are seen after people are shot in the head and body. There are no limbs lost.

Every episode has bloody shooting, and it’s not uncommon for them. They were frequently fighting, sometimes with small knives or metal bars. After these fights or games, the characters do not clean themselves up. As a result, any blood on their faces or clothes remains there.

Next, the intense fight scenes and gore in Squid Game can be disturbing. Player 111, a doctor named Yoo Sung-Joo, helps the pink-jumpsuited workers harvest organs from dead contestants. One player is even operated on while still alive. It makes for a very intense and dark series that is not for the faint of heart.

Sex and Nudity:

Squid game -Nudity

The squid game has a moderate amount of nudity, and some scenes may be too graphic or violent for some viewers. In episode 4, there’s a scene between Deok-su and Mi-nyeo and a topless VIP in episode 8. It’s fairly explicit that the topless VIP lured Jun-ho into a secluded chamber with the promise of sex. There are also nudes in the VIP lounge, which is somewhat difficult to tell due to their full-body paint. There is some profanity, smoking, and drinking.

In the Netflix original series Squid Games, there’s a scene in which an older guy whispers something into the ear of a younger guy. The younger guy begins to follow the older man, but they are quickly halted. It is inferred that the older man was giving sexual favors to the younger man, despite nothing being displayed on-screen. This sequence has generated a stir, with some people claiming it is in bad taste for many viewers.

In the squid games Netflix series, A man and woman have sex in a bathroom stall. The scene lasts around a minute with a few seconds of frontal female nudity. The Squid Games is a gritty crime drama set in competitive squad fishing. Although the scene is relatively brief, it does include several seconds of frontal female nudity. Some viewers have faulted the show for its gratuitous use of nudity, but others have argued that the scene is essential to the show’s realism. 

Alcohol, Drugs, and smoking scenes:

Squid game smoking

In the Squid game series, smoking and drinking are depicted in various settings. In one scene, a man is smoking outside a gas station. Other scenes show characters smoking and drinking in bars, restaurants, and other public places.

Player 212 was caught smuggling cigarettes into the bathroom and smoking in a stall. The Squid Game series is known for its illegal activities, and smuggling is one of them. In the game, players can smuggle cigarettes by going to the black market and buying them. Then, they can take them to their safe house and smoke them there. Smoking in a bathroom stall is probably one of the most popular places to do it since it’s easy to hide and there are not many people around. People who play the Squid Game series are no strangers to breaking the law.

How much-violating is the squid game series?

Squid game series are also violent, so parents should keep this in mind. An organized system of players tortures a particularly sadistic player character to have fun. Adults have sexual encounters and are threatened with rape. Hair is frequently used against them. The show’s primary concern may be investment, gambling, or fraud. It is very violent at the beginning. The audience who knows of the Series is probably aware that the participants play games that result in death. The photographer does not hesitate to show the smoky faces of the game’s losers. There are many deaths in this Series.

It may leave a bad impact on teens:

In the Netflix series Squid Games, there is a brief mention of necrophilia. Necrophilia is an attraction to corpses, and it is technically classified as a paraphilia or abnormal sexual interest. While it is not considered a mental disorder, necrophilia can be harmful to both the individual and society.

The show has been praised for its realistic portrayal of the sport, but it has also drawn criticism for its graphic depiction of violence and sexual content. Two characters are shown having sex in a public restroom in one particularly controversial scene.

While the overall tone of the Series is criminal, several scenes may be triggering to audience members. In episode 5, there is a mention of rape. In episode 2, Sang-woo attempts suicide, and in episode 7, player 069 commits suicide.

For some people, this Series may be frightening and traumatic. It also depicts the deaths of individuals and shouting/pleading for their lives. It is only the pleasure of the game master. Many fans have been interested in the squid game age rating and the amount of aggression in the Series.

What is the ‘Squid Game’ age rating?

The Series is rated TV-MA on Netflix, which is restricted to mature viewers. It means that the program is “specifically designed to be viewed by adults” and is thus unsuitable for children under the age of 17, according to TV Guidelines.

If you’re thinking about letting your child watch Squid Game, you should probably screen a few episodes first to see if it’s appropriate for your child.

Should parents allow to watch squid games or not?


Some parents may feel that their children can handle watching the Squid Game series if they watch it with supervision and understand the context of what they are watching.

There are a few reasons parents may not want their children to watch the Squid Game series on Netflix. One reason may be that the show is rated TV-MA, which is intended for mature audiences only and may contain graphic violence, profanity, or sexual content. Another reason may be that some parents feel the show’s content is inappropriate or too dark for children.

Final lines:

Keeping in mind the squid game age rating, the squid game is not good for younger audiences. This Korean Series is full of nude figures, sex scenes, crude indecent language, explicit sexual activity, graphic violence, and sexual violence. The Series is extremely violent as it contains dead bodies, death scenes, smoking, and potentially triggering scenes. Parents should watch their kids as the series story is based around money, gambling, death, and sex scene. Parents should engage their children in healthy childhood games. Mature audiences may watch.