New Phone Who Dis

If you’ve ever tried to hold a party via text, you’ve likely heard about the New Phone, Who Dis? game. This text-based party game is hilarious and requires no internet connection. Players rotate as judges, alternating between sending and receiving a card. Each player pairs a sent card with a reply card. The player whose combination is the most amusing wins. This game can be played with multiple players, so you can use more than one device. 

Offline texting party game

Offline texting party games have become very popular, but how do you choose the best ones? Here are a few options. First, there is New Phone, Who Dis?, a 100% offline text message game, which you can play with your friends. You can choose to compete with your friends by playing as many text messages as you can, and if you’re a new phone owner, you can also play What Do You Meme? to get the most laughs. 


The answers to the New Phone, Who Dis? card game can make the game hilarious and enjoyable. Players create a series of text chains by responding to inbox messages with the most amusing texts. To play, divide the game into two phases: the inbox and the reply. The judge begins the game by reading the inbox card to the players, who then have to determine which reply cards pair with the inbox card. 

Offline texting party game

New Phone, Who Dis? is a 100% offline text message party game where players compete to come up with the funniest text message thread. Players pair silly texts, rotate the drawing of the sent cards, and reply to the sent messages. The player with the funniest response card wins! This game is great for family reunions, parties, and game nights. Its mature language will definitely make the party fun!


When you play the New Phone, Who Dis game, you’ll be making text threads that are as hilarious as the characters’ inbox messages. Players will take turns being the judge, and the object of the game is to make the most hilarious combination of text messages possible. To play, players will draw a reply card and a matching sent card, and the player with the most hilarious combination wins. In the New Phone, Who Dis? Family Edition, players can play the game with family and friends. There are no shipping restrictions. 

New Phone Who Dis Rules

The first clue should be the name of the party host. Next, the game host can give the audience a chance to guess the phone number. However, it must be remembered that contestants can only guess correctly once, or else they will be eliminated and thrown to the next player. Alternatively, the clues can be thrown to the crowd, the leader of the party, or the audience. When the game is in progress, the audience can shout out the phrase “New Phone!” with the host. 

Family edition

The family-friendly, 100% offline New Phone, Who Dis? card game is perfect for gatherings and family reunions. Players pair ridiculous Reply and Inbox cards to create the funniest text message thread. Players can purchase one of these games to share with friends or family. There are no shipping restrictions, so you can buy one for the whole family. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure everyone has a great time playing this hilarious game!