Kathryn dennis weight loss

Who is Kathryn Dennis?

Kathryn Dennis is a reality star who first came to prominence as a cast member on the show Southern Charm. Born and raised in Charleston, SC, Kathryn has always been drawn to the glamour and sophistication of high society life.

After gaining notoriety on Southern Charm, she went on to appear in other reality shows such as Being Bobby Brown and Hollywood Medium. In addition to her television career, Kathryn also works as a model and has done photoshoots for magazines like Town & Country and Harper’s Bazaar.

Kathryn Dennis has always been a beautiful woman, but it seems like she has never looked better than she does now. After she has undergone weight loss and lost fifteen pounds, Kathryn says she feels more confident than ever before. And it’s no wonder – with good food and plenty of exercises, she looks fantastic!

What drove Kathryn to start this journey?


Ultimately, it was her own daughter Kensie that motivated her to make positive changes in her life. After all, she wants the best for Kensie – even if that means leading by example!

Kathryn felt like something needed to change after taking child maternity leave last year. The time off gave her an opportunity for self-reflection and mindfulness about what she wanted out of life. One major takeaway: “I made sure I had more alone time,” says Kathryn.

In addition to changing how she spent her free time, Kathryn also changed what she ate and how much she exercised.

“I started paying attention to my portions and what I was eating,” she says. “I also made sure I was getting enough protein, vegetables, and healthy fats.”

Kathryn also began working out regularly – something she says is key to her current success.

“I love to hike, bike, and paddleboard – so I try to get out and do at least one of those things every day.”

The result: a healthy, happy Kathryn Dennis who feels more confident than ever before! What an amazing role model for her daughter Kensie – not to mention the rest of us!

How did Kathryn lose weight?

Kathryn recently took to social media to announce that she’s lost fifteen pounds, and she looks fantastic! How did she do it?

Well, it wasn’t easy. Kathryn had to overhaul her diet and start working out regularly. But the end result was worth it; she not only feels better physically but also has more confidence than ever before.

Here are some of the things that helped Kathryn lose so much weight:

1. Eating plenty of healthy food

Kathryn focused on eating lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. This balanced diet gave her the energy she needed to stay active. She avoided processed foods as much as possible and made sure to get plenty of fruits and vegetables.

2. Exercising regularly

Kathryn tried to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. This could be anything from cycling or running to hiking or swimming. Kathryn hit the gym hard, doing cardio and strength training exercises several times a week. This helped her burn calories and tone her body.

3. Sticking to a routine

Kathryn Dennis lose weight by sticking to her diet and exercise plan every day, even when she didn’t feel like it.

4. Staying hydrated

Kathryn stayed hydrated by drinking plenty of water and tea throughout the day. This helped to keep her metabolism going strong.

Kathryn Dennis diet plan and workout routine


Kathryn Dennis diet plan

Kathryn Dennis’s life had a busy schedule because of which she found it difficult to find time for her own needs – including weight loss routines and sustainable-diet plans.

In order based to figure out what would work best for Kathryn’s body, she consulted Brandon Callahan (owner of RVA Athletics) who helped map out a plan customized specifically for Kathryn’s health goals. They decided on the Keto diet as the first step because it enhances feelings of fullness which leads to fewer cravings for unhealthy food choices.

In addition to the Keto diet, Kathryn has been working out three times a week with Callahan. Her workouts consist of 45 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weightlifting.

She is also incorporating healthy eating habits into her lifestyle including plenty of vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes. Kathryn Dennis’ diet plan is all about eating healthy and exercising regularly.

While Kathryn has not talked about whether she used supplements for weight loss, it’s likely that she stuck to a healthy diet and avoided any weight-loss supplements that could have had negative side effects.

How much weight did Kathryn lose?


Kathryn weight lose

Just recently, she took to Instagram to share that she’s lost a total of 15 pounds! She looks amazing, and we’re so proud of her for sticking to her goal. She credits her success to sticking to a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercises.

Her advice for others looking to drop some pounds is to find something that you enjoy doing and stick with it, whether that’s going for walks or working out at the gym. Kathryn is feeling more confident than ever, and she looks forward to continuing on this path towards better health.

Did Kathryn Dennis Lose Weight Using Drugs?


Kathryn Dennis Lose Weight

Kathryn has always been a little on the heavy side, but she started putting on more weight after she began using drugs. She has admitted that she was using cocaine and marijuana while filming Season 2 of Southern Charm, and this contributed to her gaining weight. After getting clean and sober, Kathryn decided to focus on losing weight. Ashley jacobs claim that Kathryn has lost weight because of the pressure which was put on her because of the show.

She changed her diet and started working out regularly. She has been very open about her weight loss journey. She has stated that she did not use drugs to lose weight but instead relied on good food and plenty of exercises. Kathryn says that she feels more confident than ever before.

Some useful tips

If you’re looking to start a weight loss journey of your own, be sure to follow these tips from Kathryn Dennis herself!

  • Start by consulting with a professional to create a personalized diet plan that will work for you.
  • Incorporate healthy eating habits like plenty of vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates into your meals.
  • Exercise regularly and make sure to include both cardio and weightlifting in your routine.
  • Most importantly, be patient with yourself and don’t give up! These changes take time but they are so worth it in the end.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this article has given you some insight into how Kathryn Dennis was able to lose fifteen pounds and keep it off.

Whether she’s eating healthy foods or finding time for exercise, Kathryn’s weight loss journey is inspiring! We hope you’ll be encouraged to try some of her techniques for yourself.