Squid Game Candy

If you’ve ever seen the Squid Game cartoon series, you know that you’d love to make your own Squid Game candy. The idea behind the game is simple: choose a shape from four options and then use a thin needle to break it apart. You then have ten minutes to extricate the shape. Breaking the shape will eliminate you from the game. There are three important ingredients to keep in mind:


When you make candy for your squid game, you’ll want to be very careful not to cut the pieces too thin. It’s easy to break the shape and end up wasting candy, but if you aren’t careful, you can end up tearing a piece or two. It’s best to make your candies about an eighth of an inch thick or less. Afterward, you can cut the pieces into the shape you desire and eat them. 

Korean Squid Game Dalgona, also known as honeycomb candy, is one of the show’s iconic moments. This sugary candy is very similar to American sponge toffee and hokey pokeys. It is a cookie-like shape with an embedded pattern in the center. You can easily make your own version of this Korean treat by following these simple instructions. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make this delicious candy. 

Squid Game Candy Ingredients

Then, use a wooden spoon to mix the sugar and baking soda together. The wooden spoon is recommended, but you can substitute it with a chopstick. The sugar is the primary component, and the baking soda gives the squid game candy its honeycomb-like appearance. Make sure to chill the squid game candy completely before eating it! If you want to prepare the candy ahead of time, you can also freeze it overnight or freeze it. 

For the simplest version of this candy, you can use a regular baking soda and sugar. This candy is similar to the Dalgona and is sold by elderly Korean people. These are both easy to make and take only a few minutes to prepare. For a more difficult version, you can use a toothpick or needle to pick out the squid’s central shape. After that, you have ten minutes to get rid of the shape without breaking it. If you break it, you lose the round.


If you have seen the popular television series “Squid Game,” you might have seen a scene involving dalgona candy. This Korean candy was featured in the show’s most popular episode. What’s so great about this sweet treat is that you can make it at home! Here’s how! Just follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to making your own squid game candy!

To make the candy, begin by mixing the baking soda and sugar with a wooden spoon. You can use a chopstick, too. The baking soda is what gives these cookies their frothy look and honeycomb texture. Next, take out the shape of your squid cookie. You’ll be able to break it without any ill effects. You can repeat these steps until you’ve made several cookies. 

Squid Game Candy Process

You’ll need a metal ladle or chopstick to make the candy. In the video, the dalgona candy will look like a honeycomb. Once you have it, you can start cutting it into shapes. Be careful not to break it or you’ll lose your prize! Alternatively, you can use a knife to slice the shapes out. This is a fun way to make a candy-making challenge. 

Another way to make dalgona candy is to use melted sugar and baking soda. These two ingredients are essential for making this nostalgic Korean candy. They will take less than five minutes to make and will give you plenty of fun while you play the Squid game! If you love candy, try making a batch and sharing it with your friends! You’ll be amazed at the results! It’s also a great way to get kids interested in watching the show.


The Korean candy dalgona makes an appearance in one of the most memorable episodes of Squid Game. This sweet treat has an interesting history and is now available to make at home. Here’s how to make it! And be careful: it’s highly addictive! Warning: this candy is not for the faint of heart. Here are some things to remember when making dalgona. 

The recipe for dalgona requires heating sugar to very high temperatures, which can cause severe burns in children of all ages. If you’re planning to make this candy for a friend or family member, make sure they’re in the room with you, and that you supervise them closely. The 2020 edition of the EMAC Desk Reference has updated messaging for burn prevention. Until then, use caution when making dalgona candy. 

While there are no concrete rules for Squid Game, the concept of the game is very popular. A group of people can make a game of the show, and then try to win all the marbles. It’s less scary, but more heartbreaking if you’re playing alone. This game is not for kids, and it’s best not to play alone! But if you’re planning to make it with a friend or family member, make sure you’re prepared for a little bit of heartache. 

This dangerous trend started as a prank on the Internet. It became popular after South Koreans uploaded Squid Game videos on TikTok. In one episode, a teenager named Aiden Higgie made a video of himself making honeycomb. But while he was trying to follow the recipe, his video clip turned out to be a disaster. Aiden suffered a severe third-degree burn to his hand. His nerves in his leg were damaged as well.


Dalgona Candy

You might have heard of the dalgona candy from the popular television show Squid Game. Despite its strange name, this candy comes from Korea. The most famous episode features a Korean treat known as dalgona. Its history is as interesting as the show itself, and you can easily make it at home with a few basic ingredients. Read on to learn how to make these delicious treats. 

The dalgona candy is one of the most iconic Korean snacks, but its authenticity is questionable. The candy is made from shellfish and is not considered authentic, which has led to questions about its origins. The most common question regarding the candy is “How is it made?” 

The squid game’s popularity has led to many fans making their own versions of the sweets. In order to complete the challenge, you need to cut the Dalgonas into specific shapes. Since the candy is a part of the game, many TikTok users have taken to making it at home. Using baking soda and sugar, you’ll need to whisk for 5 seconds, pour into silicone molds, and press for five seconds. 

Dalgona coffee does not contain ppopgi candy, but it is very similar to the traditional Korean snack, dalgona. The candy is also known as Ppopgi in the show. It appears in the third episode of the show and is an essential element of the second game. The candy can be made at home using a kit or household items. Authentic dalgona candy is a delicious treat to satisfy your craving for Korean cuisine. 

Shelf life

Ppopgi, or squid, is a Korean confection. It is made from a mixture of sugar and baking soda. The candy is available in different shapes. It is a popular Korean snack. Making them at home is relatively easy. You can find a kit for making them on Amazon. The show’s popularity has resulted in bakeries across the country selling the candy. The shelf life of squid game candy is approximately one month. 

In South Korea, dalgona candy is sold with different shapes. One piece costs $1.68, but if you buy more than one, you can get a buy-one-get-one deal. The candy’s creator, An Yong-hui, has been making dalgona for eight years. He has been featured in the Netflix series “Squid Game.” The series’ third episode features a dalgona-cutting game, which he explains to viewers online. 

The shelf life of squid game candy depends on the amount of moisture in the air. Candy that’s too humid will become sticky. This can damage the candy’s shape. In humid climates, squid game candy has a limited shelf life. It lasts for approximately three to four days. If kept at room temperature, it may last for up to three days. The candy may become sticky or go bad if it’s not handled properly. 

Squid Game is an incredible show with many memorable moments. A highlight of episode 2 is when contestants struggle to cut out Dalgona shapes. This Korean candy is brittle and tastes like honeycomb. It is easy to make at home. You will need sugar, molds, and baking soda. However, remember that a few weeks is an appropriate shelf life for dalgona. Its shelf life depends on the type of candy you buy.